Beanies for a colder weather…!

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Beanies + Cold Weather = Best Combination

Combine your rocking t-shirts with an awesome beanie!

Today we want to talk to you about our new product for the cold weather, this are BEANIES! (If you don’t know or aren’t very sure of what they are, you can click here and read more about it.) they are a great way to combine with your customised shirts, for example, we talked about in our last posts, about the experience we had with Elmwood Park Truck fire department their shirts for the Philadelphia Marathon, here is the post if you haven’t seen it yet. Now we want to tell you about their recent request with us, which was this beanies, which was kind of particular because they wanted it a bright neon pink color as shown below. 

Basically, you should know that the type of embellishment that goes on beanies is embroidery where the customer’s design is stitched into the fabric via threading instead of using ink. We will show you a couple images of how this process looks like, so that way you can have a pretty good idea of what we are talking about, and who knows maybe you decide to do one too for yourself (which will be awesome!)


So after all this talking, we want to invite you to start designing your ideas now and begin creating new things based on your personality, or user friendly website and team is waiting to assist you at anytime, so if you want to start creating today go to our webpage and don’t forget to follow us on facebook: /shirtshousefans