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We have developed a new product page

Learn how to use our product page in this tutorial

For todays blog post we want to teach you how to use our new section called: “product page” it is very simple if you follow this easy steps:

  • For starters, go to the product page section clicking here: product page 
  • Afterwards, you will have a couple of options, that we will show you in the image below, we will you the step by step tutorial:


For starters, we can see the name and description of the shirt in which we will realize our customised design. For example, in this case the chosen shirt is a Glidan Heavy Cotton T-Shirt, which is a 100% preshrunk cotton.


Then, we start by choosing the color of your choice  in the color options that is given below:


Now, you can see a  visualization of how the shirt would look like, this means that every color and shirt product you choose will be shown here:


Finally, in this last part you can see what color did you choose exactly, if you like the color you choose after you visualize it as shown in part one, you can select the start a design button to start creating the design you want in the shirt you choose. If you haven’t seen our how to design your shirt artwork with our shirt design program, check it out here. Or you can also get a quote, here you can ask for a personalised quote that you wish to add to your shirt. To find out more about this click here.

Now that you learned how to use our product page, you can start customising your shirt with us now! For more information check our webpage: or follow our fanpage in facebook:


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