Mecha Lions Science Team T-Shirts

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Mecha Lions Science Team T-Shirts

Learn about the process we did with the Mecha’s T-Shirts:

As we have mentioned before, we like to incentive teams to create their own personalised t-shirts, in order to create a unity between the members and look profesional in their competitions or events. That’s why the PCSST Mecha Lions Science Team decided to be part of the Shirtshouse family and started creating their shirts with us, so for starters, we wanted to share their story with you. 

Their shirts are a two colored ink design, which are: yellow and golden brown, similar to a previews shirt design we did for another team, which was The Paterson Arts and Science Charter. (If you haven’t seen that post yet, you can check it out here.)
 One thing that screen printers know is that printing on black t-shirts requires a two to even three passes of ink to make the design come out nice. If we only apply one pass of ink, the ink will looks spotty and the fabric color will show up. On the following images we show you how the shirt design looks with just a one and two passes of ink: 

mecha-lions-2 mecha-lions-3

After we add more passes of ink, the design will start looking much better, the color will be more vivid and you won’t see the fabric show up:


We then add the second color, in order to add the finishing touches, and it looks something like this:


Afterwards, this is how the design looks like with the two ink colors and the 2-3 passes of previews ink:


Remember, if you also want your own customized shirt or you would like to create a special uniform for your team, don’t doubt to contact us at: or follow our fan page in Facebook: @shirtshousefans. Our team will be happy to assist you in your next order, and don’t forget we have free shipping for non rush orders.

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