Process of making your customised t-shirt

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Process of making your customised t-shirt

How is the process of making t-shirts here in Shirtshouse?

For today’s article we want to show you a little behind the scene of how we make and create this wonderful shirts for all of you. This is the process we do here in Shirtshouse:

  1. In our first step we put a white ink underbase in the screen, this is used because the T-Shirt is not a neutral color. You have to keep in mind that, when the ink is is applied to any colored T-Shirt especially black color, the color of the ink will change and the colors of the designs will not show up as intended. That is why we use an underbase to mask the fabric color underneath. In our second step you can see the results of this first and very important step.


2. As we said before, in this step we show you the results of adding a white ink underbase in our screens: 


3. In this step we show how the yellow ink is applied and what’s the result:


 4. Also, in this step, you’ll see how we apply the purple ink and how it looks like in the result below:


5. Now we combine the two images above and here is the result:

6. Finally, we start applying the final details to the shirt using a darker shade of yellow: 6

7. Notice that the yellow ink color is a bit darker to show the details which you can see below: 7


If you would like to create your own customized shirts with us, contact us: