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PV Highschool
Passaic Valley Enterprise Incorporated, PVEI 11/18/2014

An annual field trip for a special class found in Passaic Valley Highschool.  A class consisting of only seniors, is led by Mr. Ketcho. Mr. Ketcho teachs a Entrepreneur class and is the Faculty Head for the school club PVEI, also known as Passaic Valley Enterprise Incorporated.

Class Logo Design

With a handful of students, Mr. Ketcho transports them to the official Shirtshouse company building and then the company staff  conducts a class behind all their works and the step by step process in how everything is run within the company. Students are taught in depth about the initial designing process, t-shirt customization, screen printing  and embroidery and then shown an actual field exercise on all these topics. Students get to see how their products (Shirtshouse customers) are created and how much time, labor and detail goes into each individual product.

Mr. Kecho has been doing business with Shirtshouse for 6 years and more and this is the second year he has bought his class onto company grounds and will continue do so the following year.