How to use our product page

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We have developed a new product page Learn how to use our product page in this tutorial For todays blog post we want to teach you how to use our new section called: “product page” it is very simple if you follow this easy steps: For starters, go to the product page section clicking here: […]

T-Shirts for Nail Salons

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Millennium Nails Salon Shirt Our nail salon customers Experience: A couple days ago, a customer wanted a special t-shirt for the grand opening of their nail salon, however, their first design idea was originally supposed to go on the front of their shirt, but something they didn’t realized was that their aprons would have covered up […]

Catalog Shirts Online in Shirtshouse

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Get inspired with our online catalog! Have no idea what you want? Check out our catalog: If you ever want to see what type of shirts we have and what we offer you can easily click here and go see all of our different high quality products in store, there are many options to choose […]

Shirtshouse customized design

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Previously on our last posts: Shirtshouse latest post review: Last week we talked a lot about why you should customize your shirt, why you should do it with us and we even talked about the benefits you get when you design your shirt with us, like for example our design software. Shirtshouse is dedicated to the […]

Shirtshouse Productions Artwork

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Customising your shirt with Shirtshouse How does our production artwork work? Today we want to talk a little bit about how our artwork production works by giving you a REAL example of a real client we had recently. So to begin, this customer wanted to do a personalised shirt for her daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party bringing us […]

Design Software at Shirtshouse

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Design Software at Shirtshouse Why should you customize your shirts with us? So to begin, in our last post we talked about why you should think about customizing your shirts and we even mentioned some benefits that you can have by doing that with us. (If you haven’t seen that post yet, click here) Today […]