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Martina 2016

Customising your shirt with Shirtshouse

How does our production artwork work?

Today we want to talk a little bit about how our artwork production works by giving you a REAL example of a real client we had recently. So to begin, this customer wanted to do a personalised shirt for her daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party bringing us a rough sketch of what they imagined (and just to be clear they aren’t designers). Afterwards they requested for our FREE professional design assistance (for orders more than 12 pcs) in order to bring to life those ideas, here is how the idea start up:

Rough Sketch

After we received this sketch, our design team began the process of turning this idea into a real piece of art by using Illustrator, this strengthened the concept that our client imagined in the first place, after they were satisfied with the result we continued making a silk screen for it, here you can have a little preview of how it looks like:

silk screen

Finally we printed the design into the shirt, creating a high quality product and the satisfaction of a happy customer, so what are you waiting for? Start creating something new with ShirtHouse Contact us: