2017: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!

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2017: Happy New Years!

Start your 2017 with Shirtshouse!!!

A whole year has passed by already, and we’ve accomplished a lot of goals thanks to all our customers, we’ve learned a lot from this year and want to improve a lot more for everyone. So today we want to talk about everything we’re going to offer for this new year and motivate you to start your 2017 with us and begin customizing your shirts.

For starters, you should click here and visit our main website and begin exploring all the different options we have for you, but we are also going to give you a small tour of it so you can have a pretty good idea of what you are going to see:


  • T-Shirt Designer:

All of this titles you can find in the upper side of the page, which is our main menu, so for this section you can find what we call: t-shirt designer or also design software, in here you can basically have the liberty to create your own design from scratch. Last year we wrote a tutorial about it and you can see it here, but we are still going to talk a little about it. This program allows you to design and preview your shirt by choosing the type of t-shirt that you want with the color that you want it to be, after that you can start designing from our different options of artworks that we offer for different occasions and events such as: events, college & campus, mascot, holidays, business, etc… Also you can add text to go along with your art work and move the items around until you found the design that your satisfied with. When you are done your design in this program you can either save & share or check out, this options are pretty self explanatory so we are not going to talk about it a lot, but if you still have any questions remember to check out our tutorial: How to use our design software.

  • Design Ideas:

In our design ideas sections, we basically have all types of ideas that you can use for your events, business or personal use. In other words, it’s part of our design software, but in here you can browse from a thousand different options and when you have found the design you like you can simply select it and it will redirection you to our t-shirt designer section, where it would have already added the design you selected and you just have to modify according to your taste or need, after that you can just finish like we mentioned before.


  • T-shirt Catalog:

Finally, in this section, you can see all of our various shirt offers, we have from unisex t-shirts to hoodies, there is a lot of materials we have for different occasions, so you can stop by here and look around all of our high quality products and choose the one that best fits your, after that you can be redirected again to our design software sections were as you already know: create and design your own product.

Remember, if you also want your own customized t-shirt for this 2017, don’t doubt to contact us at: www.shirtshouse.com or follow our fan page in Facebook: @shirtshousefans. Our team will be happy to assist you in your next order, and don’t forget we have free shipping for non rush orders.

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