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How to use our design software?

We don’t always know everything, that’s why today we want to give you a brief walkthrough about how to use our design program and that way you start customizing your shirt now with us. So for starters, click here to go to our software: http://www.shirtshouse.com/index.php/design-now/ and now we can start our tutorial. This is how the page should look in first instance.


Part 1: Choose the product

Shirtshouse gives you the option to choose the design, material and color you want your final product to be, so start by clicking on the option  called “products” in the left-side of the panel. It should look something like this:


When you click in products you can see a various amount of option so you can choose, you can search in the search box if you already have a special material in mind or you can also click in the bar that says Unisex T Shirt and it will show you more options so you can choose, this is how it looks when you click it:


As you can see, there is also a palette of different colors you can choose your shirt, so you can preview how it will look on the design and material you choose previously. Note: Sometimes some materials have some limitation in the printing so we are aware of warning you about it before you decide to choose it.


After doing all of the above we can start creating our own designs, so for this you have two options: Either you start creating a new design with the tools that the software offers (that you are going to see further on) or you can upload a design you already have from your computer, either option lets you preview how it will look on the right side of the screen. So basically we are going to explain how to create the artwork:


When you click in Artwork you get three options:

  • Design ideas: In which you can select from a series of ideas already pre established and of course you can modify according to your needs. This option will show you a series of events like: Business, college, events, fundraisers, etc… you can select any you like and they they will show you more options according to the selection you previously made:


  • Clip art: This has the same methodology as the option below the difference is that this consist in clipart just as the name shows, you can explore a various options of designs that may help you in your design. Also for every element you choose, in the right panel you have a tool box that allows you to change color add or remove outlines, etc…

Note: You don’t have to choose between one of the two options, you can combine them and create the design you want and adapt them however you want with the tool kit set in the left side.


  • My Saved Arts: This option applies for anyone that has created designs but wasn’t ready to check-out so decided to save their work for later. For this option you must create an account.

Finally this software also allows you to add your personalised text and as we said before upload images from your computer, you can also add notes that you or our team need to keep in mind and finally you can add effects to the design you made, like this one:


Finally if you’re satisfied with the design you created you can just simply check out and fill out all the required information to start creating your idea and send it as soon as possible to your house since we offer Free Shipping for non rush orders.


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